Grand Opening Extravaganza

The Louvre Bridal Wedding Photo

The Louvre Bridal was officially opened on the 15 Oct 2012 with its significant mission.

The Louvre Bridal offers world-class expertise in bridal gowns, image consultation, overseas destination and local pre-wedding photography, actual day photography and cinematography services  and wedding planning for every bride to make true their dream wedding.

The founders of The Louvre Bridal come from different expertise of Fashion, Photography and Wedding planning. With numerous international acclamations and recognition, namely WPPI, MPA, WPJA and WPJA Artistic Guild, we are determined to eternalize every couples’ priceless memories, returning each and every little  moment belonging to you.

Why Louvre?
The name of The Louvre Bridal came from of The Louvre Museum, where the world’s finest art pieces are displayed for the world to see.  With similar vision, The Louvre Bridal aims to create create artistic, modern and luxurious design with elements of romance, passion, style and woven into our couture-like quality bridal gown collection and wedding photography art pieces.

We strive to set a new era in weddings, by infusing Fashion into Weddings to create a brand new outlook. We define fashion as the most suitable appearance that exudes the individual style and charisma on the most glorious moment of the lifetime. Exposing a different side of an ordinary you from the bold perspective view of our experienced photographers, The Louvre Bridal transforms every couple into dazzling stars of the day, and imprint the memories with photos in vogue that is yours to keep forever.

We offer to plan and execute in the overseas pre-wedding photography, taking care of the details itinerary planning, making  the photoshoot trip carefree. Couples are bound to enjoy this just like a pre-honeymoon trip. The Louvre Bridal’s team of professional photographers is dedicated to capture the special moments of you and your love one at the most beautiful places around the world.

After studying the various traits of different personality types, our in-house designers take pride to weave the unique personality into each gown pieces. Image consultants will guide and help find the perfect gown inclined with each individual’s personality sophistication and liking.  Then combining with our Photographer’s eye for art, the beauty and enchantment uniquely yours will be taken to a higher level.

} The Louvre Bridal Team


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