Korean Concept Bridal Photography

ImageAnd so she said “I do”, what happens next? The next thing up on your wedding preparation checklist is your pre-wedding bridal photoshoot!

For a unique and memorable pre-wedding shoot, we sight the trend that many couples are going out of Singapore for the shoot. Here’s why we share with you the Korean Concept Bridal Photography!

Korea has come to be an increasingly popular choice of destination for wedding photography. With a vibrant culture, the city delights with an enchanting aura that is fun and modern. Coupled with the scenic landscapes of its changing four seasons, the city offers a perfect setting for your pre-wedding photo shoot!


The Korean Concept Bridal Photography offers you an opportunity to experience the wedding culture in Korea. You can have your pre-wedding photos taken at the unique indoor and outdoor studio, exclusively by our renowned Bridal partner in Korea. Featured on the popular TV variety series “We Got Married”, you can get all dolled up just like a celebrity and pose like your favourite Korean Superstars and celebrities such as Lee Teuk (Leader of super Junior) and Kang Sora (South Korean Actress). The studio is as big as several football fields, with countless genuine backdrops from live trees and flora, to cafes and even domestic animals roaming freely.  Imagine just how fun it would be, to bring back photos for your pre-wedding album, but memories of this unique trip to cherish for a lifetime. You can even have your pre-honeymoon before the wedding, take a break on this trip from all the wedding preparation!

One of our couple, Gin Sheng & Melissa, went for their Korean Concept Bridal during the winter time.


It was the coldest day in winter when they had their shoot! Hats off to our brave bride and indeed the photos turned out to be marvelous. They have picked out their favourite from the wide selection of wedding gowns and suits, and even had a few shots in the traditional hanbok. They looked so much like Koreans in the photos, don’t they?

A midst the freezing weather, Gin Sheng delivered his surprise proposal speech to Melissa,
melting away all the shivers. Everyone present was so touched, and the significant moment was captured by the photographer.
We wish them a blissful marriage ahead. 🙂Image

Catch more photos for our Korean Concept Bridal Photography here!

}The Louvre Bridal Team



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