“Australia Hugs” – Contest Shoot

The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs Contest

The Australia Hugs contest shoot took place at The Louvre Bridal boutique on a last Sunday. Together with ExtraOrdinary Weddings, The Louvre Bridal is bringing you “Australia Hugs”, a contest where we’re giving away a bridal package to Perth, Australia worth S$4,988! 6 finalists were selected from all the participants. Before the final winner emerges, let’s go behind-the-scenes of the contest shoot!

6 shortlisted finalists have made their way through the numerous participants.  And here we have them at The Louvre Bridal boutique for a photoshoot & interview session, before the voting begins. Here’s some insights to share for the photoshoot session we had! The theme of this shoot is of course…”Australia Hugs”! Look at all the fun props our team have prepared for the shoot!

The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs Contest Fun Props

The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs Contest02Our dear finalists have put in so much effort for the shoot, from their matching outfits to the DIY props. This added so much uniqueness and joy to the photos.
There’s also a video interview to get close to our finalists, what they have to say about the photoshoot experience and why they should be crowned winner!
Get to know more about our 6 finalists in the interview video.


The voting begins, check out on how you can support your favourite couple here on Facebook:
Australia Hugs_Contestants_FB_main The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs FinalistsWe like to give our special thanks to ExtraOrdinary Weddings for their support as the official media for “Australia Hugs” contest, and all the couples who participated for your enthusiasm.
Let’s see who emerges as winner!

} The Louvre Bridal team


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