Thematic Bridal Styling for Adventurous Sweethearts

The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-02Imagine you have already planned the sweetest floral fantasy wedding photo shoot, with the set up all perfect, sweet and dandy. But hold on a second, have you thought about how you’re going to style yourself up to outshine this setting?

Bridal styling plays an important part in redefining your entire look to illuminate your photo shoot. Finding the right hairdo, understanding the perfect makeup look, and appropriate accessories are important in matching with your desired themed wedding shoot!

Not sure how?  Take a peek into our setup at the event last Saturday at Pan Pacific Orchard during our “Thematic Bridal Styling Showcase”and we’ll also guide you along on our several themes featured! 🙂
The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-02The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-07The first step to looking the part is finding the right makeup style and hairdo! Whether you’re doing your hair up, down in curls or not, it affects your whole image! With that being said, an effortless low wavy up-do is a classic look which looks great with almost any theme you have in mind!The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-08So you’ve picked out your favourite sweet calming blue or baby pink gowns but how do you accessorize them now? We suggest a mini sparkling tiara which brings you just the right amount of sweet and classy, not overpowering your beloved handpicked delightful dress!The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-04If you’re into the 1920’s glam girl chic look, sequined embellishments, statement pieces and rhinestone earrings are a plus! As you embrace a full out vintage vibe, large head pieces such as a snow feather headpiece will pump you up for that glamorous look!
The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-01At the end of the “Thematic Bridal Styling Showcase” most of the future brides and grooms present were impressed by our showcase and made enquiries at our consultation booth while we had a lovely hearty discussion!The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-06The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-03As we end off our bite-size sharing session on our “Thematic Bridal Styling Showcase”, we would like to thank Pan Pacific Orchard for gracing our presence and making our showcase possible. Also, kudos to everyone from The Louvre Bridal team who made their contribution towards the success of our “Thematic Bridal Styling Showcase”!The-Louvre-Bridal-Thematic-Bridal-Styling-Showcase-10As you plan your desired theme shoot, would you like to call us maybe?

Perhaps if you’re still pondering on what themes there are out there, pick one from our variety of “THEMATIC CONCEPTS SHOOT” and crystallize your unique memories with one another!

Do stay in touch with us as we share with you more unique bridal styles soon!

Buzz +65 6337 7808

}The Louvre Bridal team


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