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From the boutiques of luxury fashion houses, right to the doorsteps of The Louvre Museum, where the world’s finest art pieces are displayed for the world to see, the elements of romance, passion, style and grandeur are weaved into the tapestry of French Culture.

Inspired by their aura of beauty and elegance, The Louvre Bridal brand reflects their vision to create artistic, modern and luxurious design and style, couture-like quality bridal gown collection that hold impeccable customer appeal.

The Louvre Bridal offers world-class expertises in wedding planning, specialising in overseas destination pre-wedding photography for every bride to make true their dream wedding.

May it be a kiss at the top of Paris Eiffel Tower or an embrace at where you first said I-Love-You in Korea. The Louvre Bridal’s team of professional photographers is dedicated to capture the special moments of you and your love one at the most beautiful places around the world.

The Louvre Bridal’s wide range of bridal services is customizable to suit each individual’s sophistication. From pre-wedding preparations to actual day planning services, and not forgetting the little details like the flower bouquet, we believe that every detail, style and color selection outstand your charisma.  The Louvre Bridal goes the extra mile to understand you and ensure that your big day is as hassle-free as it is happy and joyous.

With numerous international acclamations and awards to their name, The Louvre Bridal sets itself apart from others, with a flair that is upwardly modern, stylish and fashion forward that distinct you from the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the experienced team from The Louvre Bridal helps you to your wedding that is uniquely yours!

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