Fantaisie Spring Summer Bridal Collection [ 2014 Bridal Gowns ] Official Launch

Dear Brides & Grooms to be, The Louvre Bridal unveils the Fantaisie 2014  Bridal Collection .
We are proud to present to you the highly anticipated dreamy Couture Gown Collection!

“Fantaisie” (prounounced as “font day zee”) means fantasy in French.
Dreamy, lace overlay, soft tulle, ballgown with a touch of feminine traits can be found in this fantasy collection.

Every gown in the collection seems like it came out magically from a fairytale story.
You would feel like a princess awaiting for her prince charming
to come and live happily ever after!
Perfect for this Spring & Summer trend, you can expect an array of  white and coloured
signature gowns tinted with pastel colours. Be prepared to be spoilt for choices!

Want to know how our team of designers came up with these magical masterpieces?
Come by our Bridal Boutique and we will be glad to share
the making of the gowns stories with you!

Let us together experience  a whole new world of fantasy dreams!

Witness this sweet and dreamy collection together with the specially designed crystal bouquets
to our new launched gowns by our partner, BLACKaccessories -specializes in Crystal Bouquet !
Experience something whimsical and magical…
This exquisite collection would be at your viewing pleasure at our bridal boutique.


All you have to do is Make a date with us!

Hope to see you soon!

}The Louvre Bridal team


Model’s Fitting – Affiner Haute Couture [ 2014 Bridal Gowns ]

Sharing as we’re preparing for the photoshoot for Affiner Haute Couture [ 2014 Bridal Gowns ].
Before we go for the photoshoot, our models are here at the boutique for a fitting session to ensure all the gowns and suits fit perfectly.

Our two models are friendly and fun, which makes the whole session very enjoyable. We’re sure the photoshoot will be as fun too!

The Louvre Bridal_Affiner Haute Couture_2014 Bridal_Gown Fitting02

The Louvre Bridal_Affiner Haute Couture_2014 Bridal_Gown Fitting
At The Louvre Bridal, each piece of gown is designed not only based on the latest trends, our designers have also taken in the various brides’ personalities. Are you someone who is bold and daring? Or gentle and warm? Be sure to check out the gown that exudes your unique charm.
And stay tuned for more insights for Affiner Haute Couture [ 2014 Bridal Gowns ]!

} The Louvre Bridal team

Preparation for The Secret Garden Wedding Show @ Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

The Louvre Bridal_Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre_Wedding Show3 more days to The Secret Garden Wedding show at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard Centre. Come this Sunday, 21st July 2013, The Louvre Bridal and Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre jointly presents The Secret Garden Wedding Show.
There will be a bridal fashion show specially presented by The Louvre Bridal, featuring signature gown pieces and the 2014 Bridal collection prelude.

As we anticipate for the coming show this Sunday, follow us for a tour behind-the-scenes to witness the team in action, preparing for the wedding show.
The Louvre Bridal_Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre_Wedding Show03It is always fun to have the gorgeous models here at the studio for casting. As the theme of the wedding show goes, “The Secret Garden”, expect an array of stunning dresses on the runway from elegant ballgown pieces to a sneak prelude into our upcoming 2014 bridal collection. A segment of the runway show will feature the colored gowns, where we have elements of the masquerade theme being added. Usually the first thing that comes to our mind when we say ‘Masquerade’, we’ll think of masks – Yes! That’s what we’ll be having!

The Louvre Bridal_Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre_Wedding Show02

Away from the usual off-the-shelf masks that can be purchased from the stores, our team have decided for some creative handcrafting time! These masks will be beyond your imagination, as they are carefully hand crafted and uniquely designed. Who knows, these may be the next trend good for your wedding march-ins or pre-wedding photoshoots!

Watch out for the masks and the 2014 bridal collection prelude. We are all looking forward for the wedding show! Hope to see you there!

} The Louvre Bridal team

Rejoicing with Yao Yang & Ny Na // Cross Cultural Twist Theme Wedding

The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Real Theme Wedding“Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.” – By Unknown

True love had brought Yao Yang & Ny Na together across the land of Vietnam and Singapore. The two may come from different countries, different set of beliefs and traditions, but the language of love has erased the boundaries; what we saw in them just makes us appreciate how real love works.
When planning a wedding between two different cultures, it is important to embrace both cultures by incorporating ideas and traditions from each. Including aspects from different heritages will make it a very unique affair. Just like how we celebrated Yao Yang & Ny Na’s wedding on 30th May 2013, with a Cross Cultural Twist theme. Read on and find out just how this special wedding affair is made true.

It was a warm sunny afternoon when we welcomed this lovely couple to our studio for their gown fitting session. With a theme to work on, and the surprises that the two had in mind for their guests, it was a breeze for them to pick out their dream gowns and suits.
The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Cross Cultural Theme Wedding

Now comes the fun part – the actual wedding day! Yao Yang & Ny Na were beautifully dolled up by our makeup artist before exchanging their vows at the Registry of Marriage. The styling for the afternoon ceremony was carefree and graceful.
After the vows exchanging ceremony, it was followed by an evening reception at Peony Jade Clarke Quay.

A roaring applause and cheers from the guests were given to welcome this couple in, wearing the Vietnam wedding costumes with a blend of chinese veil and “xiu qiu”. That is indeed an interesting twist to the usual march-ins!  With the unique 1st march-in, how can the 2nd one be the usual? As the infamous  ‘Mission Impossible’ soundtrack hits, the dashing agent Yao Yang held on to his bride for the second entrance. Just as everyone was curious what he had in his suitcase, the groom took out a handcuff to cuff his bride. This is definitely mission accomplished for the agent on locking up his love for good. 😉
Check out the highlights of the wedding event specially covered by our Photographer:

The Louvre Bridal Singapore theme wedding cultural twistThe two traditions were combined into a night that no one would forget. Many well wishes to our couple, Yao Yang & Ny Na.
We are happy to be part of your unique and joyous wedding celebration.

} The Louvre Bridal team