Charmeur 2015 Bridal Couture @ Amara Singapore

The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-display-01Every wedding is a fairytale come true. Celebrate your timeless love with an enchanted wedding. Over the past weekend, there was a magical fairytale wedding show at Amara Singapore, where The Louvre Bridal was invited to present a fashion runway on our latest Chameur 2015 Bridal Couture. Immense in the magical fairytale themed wedding showcase as we share with you on the wedding inspirations and event highlights. Arriving at the Amara Wedding Show is like entering a wedding wonderland of ideas. Right from the entrance of the hotel,  couples are greeted with gorgeous decorations and beautiful flowers leading all the way to the Grand ballroom. The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-display-02The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-display-04The fairytales came alive with marvelous setups like Cinderella’s coach and a life size wishing well decor. Like a constellation of stars, the signature starry ceiling of Amara Singapore’s Grand ballroom set the mood for an elegant and romantic reception just like ‘A whole new world’. Spanning across the spacious reception was The Louvre Bridal’s couture gowns for each real-like princesses’ wedding. Before the start of the bridal fashion show, couples mingled to seek inspirations and advices from various wedding professionals. The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-ShowOver on the savory side of the ballroom, the line for bites of food tasting reception food was a mile long. There were stations with sumptuous entrees and appetizers, plus the ever-so-eye-candy dessert station.  The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-display-03Soon, the much anticipated fashion show by The Louvre Bridal commences when all the guests were well-seated and ready for the music to play. Fashion-forward brides will love the new collection, “Charmeur 2015 Bridal Couture”, as the creation consists of the hottest fashion traits. The collection is crafted for individuality with exquisite gowns finished with intricate lace and the lightest swathes of tulle. “Beauty is no longer about perfection. It’s about confidence, charisma and character.” Styling from vintage lace to chantilly tulles, each dress is distinctive. Every bride has something to fit them, determined by personality traits along with body shape, skin tone and hair color.

This year’s trend places the focus on alluring back designs. From deep dips to embellished illusions and sexy slits, these backs will make sure the bride look just as good receding from the aisle as they are walking down it.

First look was a mermaid dress with stunning beading and embroidered detailing especially designed for a feminine and elegant bride. Following a show-stopping ballgown that creates a picture of pure elegance in dreamy tulle, ribbon and lace for the real princess.

The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-Runway-10The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-Runway-09Check out another fashion trend on the runway. There are so many gorgeous and elegant pastel shades out there right now and the best thing about pastels is that you can cleverly mix up colors and they still work beautifully together given their natural soft look.02The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-Runway-08Definition of Cinderella; epitome of a fairy tale wedding; fitted bodice with a full skirt. Spot the two pastel ballgowns – don’t you think they are like princesses dancing in the ball of Amara Singapore? Other than playing up the pastels on the evening gowns, we have the colours on the florals for the white gowns too.

The first gown featured in this segment was a ball gown with lace bodice and structural layers of mesh forming the desired dimensions. Sway with the dress as you march in for the picture-perfect shot. Top right picture presents our chi designer dress, which is out to make stunning photo-taking effects with it’s flowy fabrics and for brides who is looking for simplicity yet leaving an impression over the look.


Other than puffs of tulles, the modern bride can also strut down the aisle with a elegant yet modish hot magenta sheath gown or this the teal pleated piece for a light and flowy feel. The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-Runway-0703With all the models lining up for the finale shot, the runway show closed to loud applause and everyone was drifted back from the magical world dancing with enchanted princesses. The runway show wouldn’t be such a great one without the beautiful makeup and hairdo by Eesha Ke and team. We are glad to work with Eesha Ke, the renowned and experienced makeup coach. Thank you for dolling up the models with such radiance. We also like to like to credit our Photographer Lawrence, Boris & Coffee, for the coverage of the bridal fashion runway. Last but not least, kudos to The Louvre Bridal team, especially Sally and Elaine, who has put in so much effort!The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-Team And here’s the talented florist who crafted the romantic headbands and unique bouquets. Thank you Le Fairymeadow for your kind support to our runway. The exotic flowers and colors were a good match to both the dresses and theme of the wedding show.The-Louvre-Bridal-Amara-Singapore-Wedding-Show-flowersIt was also a great event with Amara Singapore, with plenty of valuable information and experiences for those planning their upcoming wedding. We believe every couple can transform a wedding into a luxuriously adventurous and truly memorable affair. For those who wish to take a close look at our wedding gown collection, you may join us at our “Love at First Sight” Open House on 16th and 17th May 2015. See you at our boutique soon!

}The Louvre Bridal team


FIRST Korea Designer Gown Collection – Timeless Elegance @ Singapore Marriott Hotel

The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_First-Korea-Designer-Gown-Collection-01Presenting to you the FIRST Korean Designer collection in Singapore.
“영원한 우아함” , Timeless Elegance Korean Designer Collection of wedding dresses and suits has launched on Saturday, 13 Dec 2014 at Singapore Marriott Hotel.

Couples can now stand out like the K- Pop celebrity on their big day with our Korean style accessories, Korean makeup and hairdo and Korean Designer gowns and suits!The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_First-Korea-Designer-Gown-Collection-Marriott-HotelUpon entering the grand ballroom of Singapore Marriott Hotel, the romantic paper blooms and theme of pastel pink and white got us full of anticipation for the bridal runway. The sweetness overflowed with the line of desserts and sweet treats.  The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_First-Korea-Designer-Gown-Collection-03Our makeup artists Yoona and Elaine are hard at work at the backstage, dolling up the models with the Korean styles.The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_First-Korea-Designer-Gown-Collection-02With more and more couples gathering, the show started with some soothing songs by the live band and a short talk with useful wedding tips for our couples.

Without further ado, here come the brides and groom down the runway of the First Korean Designer Gown collection – Timeless Elegance! Here are some of our favorite looks for you to swoon over.The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_First-Korea-Designer-Gown-Collection-04And so why are people going for Korean style nowadays? Korean designer wedding dress represents a modern fashion trend: the more details on the material, the more concise in style. The Korean wedding gown designs are  more suitable for Asian women’s body, with fabrics that are soft and elegant, exquisitely hand-embroidered patterns and noble, then melted into today’s fashion style elements, golden glow of silk, hand embroidered pearl or soft lace and tulle, into the simple Korean and noble style wedding dress features.


Styling up with the right accessories and makeup & hair is the key for the Korean style. Notice how the bold matching checkered suits and adventurous colored shirts and vest freshens up the groom.


For the grand finale featuring the white gowns, the styles capture traditional with a modern twist, it’s no surprise that they will be a big hit this season.



When all models came in line for the finale, the roaring applause from the crowd put a beautiful ending note to the runway show.

The Louvre Bridal would like to credit everyone in the team, including Nick, Boris and Hugo for the beautiful pictures and videos. Last but not least, kudos to everyone from The Louvre Bridal team! The show couldn’t have been so perfect without all your efforts!

The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_First-Korea-Designer-Gown-Collection-13For those who did not catch the live bridal runway, let us catch the phenomenal bridal runway show here:

For those who wish to take a closer look at the actual gowns and suits, we’d like to welcome you to our cozy boutique! Simply call us at 63377808 to find out more.

Come and experience Korean Style with us!

}The Louvre Bridal team

Behind-the-scenes for The First Korean Designer Collection in Singapore “Timeless Elegance”

The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korean Designer Gowns 2015Korean designer bridal gowns and suits right here in Singapore? Thought you’ve seen or heard us wrong? It’s true, The Louvre Bridal is bringing you yet another surprise to complete your full Korean wedding dream! Now Singapore brides and grooms can put on Korea designer wedding dresses and suits styled to the Hallyu style for your pre-wedding or actual day in Singapore.

The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-11Exquisitely crafted by The Louvre Bridal, the first ever Korean designer collection in Singapore named “영원한 우아함” means “Timeless Elegance in Korean ,  is set for launch on coming 13th December 2014. The array of mesmerizing wedding gowns and stunning suits designed by our Korea designer, Jun Ho (준호) features incredibly lush fabrics and laces, with unique details and exquisite embroideries.
The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-CollectionBefore the official launch of our FIRST “Korean Designer Collection”, we are pleased to bring you through some sneak peeks into the gown collection photoshoot in Korea! To capture the best of the fine Korea gowns and suits, the photoshoot was done at one of our top recommended Korean Concept Wedding photography studio, May Studio.

It was early morning but the studio, but everyone was already busy preparing. The makeup artist styling the models, the gown helpers preparing the gowns and photographers prepping the studio’s set etc.  Let’s take a journey through with us into the making of the shoot.The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-2 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-3 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-4 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-5 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-6 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-7 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-8 The-Louvre-Bridal-Singapore_Korean-Designer-Gown-Collection-9 After seeing so much, we’re sure you’re as eager to see the actual gowns and suits for yourselves! Catch full collection during the runway launch on 13th December 2014 at the Singapore Marriot Hotel. Check with our team on how to register for the event!

Last but not least, we like to thank each and everyone from design, tailoring, preparation and photo shooting in Korea. It was a great journey and experience to making true the First Korean Bridal collection in Singapore! Kudos to your hard work!


Now, brides and grooms-to-be are you ready?
Come and experience Korean Style with us!

} The Louvre Bridal team

Le Femme 2015 Bridal Couture @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway Keep up with some of the best ideas of the 2015 bridal gown trends with us! The much awaited Le Femme 2015 Bridal Couture made its first appearance at the Amara Sanctuary Wedding Show on 12th October 2014. “Le Femme” means “The Woman” in French. The Le Femme 2015 Bridal Couture is the creation of opulence with romance, celebrating  the strength and sensuality of brides in love. Brides can get gorgeous and elegant, in this exquisitely crafted luxe collection. If you had missed the show or would want to savour the show again just like us, keep looking! The soft sunlight opened up the beautiful day in the tropical heaven of Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, all of us were there for the setup and preparation. Approaching noon, we could see brides and groom-to-be come hand in hand for the show. Couples got to have some free and easy session with a glass of refreshing drink in hand while speaking to various participating vendors for their wedding essentials like photography, videography, live music and many more. The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Booth-SetupThe-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Behind-the-scenesAnd how could we not take a peek of what’s happening at the behind-the-scenes?We’ve got our models preparing at the backstage for the upcoming runway show. Our makeup artists, Ice and Shanice were busy dolling up the models, bringing out the feminine look in the ladies and the smart and suave look in the gentlemen. Yes! You’ve read it right, this time, you could spot male models too! Now, grooms could also be as excited as the brides to see what’s in for the 2015 trends! As everyone gathered and made themselves comfortable and ready for the show, the bridal runway show began. With the stunning hues of turquoise and hot pink ballgowns, the 2 pairs waltz in gracefully with an unexpected dance performance. It was the first time The Louvre Bridal has incorporated dance into the bridal fashion runway.  Credits to our partner Nuevo Dance Fitness for choreographing the special dance segment. You’ll be amazed how this was all done within the morning preparation time! The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_01The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_02The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_03Spot the emerging trends of 2015 bridal gown designs from the runway. Tulle is the fabric of the season, and is flattering on almost every bride. The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_04 Romantic and timeless, off-the-shoulder dresses are the hottest new necklines of the Spring 2015 trends. The sweet new necklines is fit for the slightly bohemian bride with a penchant for graceful gowns with a ton of movement. Groom’s style are leaning towards the polished look. The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_05 The Louvre Bridal has shortlisted our partner, BLACK Accessories, to showcase their newly launched themed crystal bouquets, designed in line with our Le Femme 2015 Bridal Couture. For the finale, the ‘grooms’ unveiled their ‘brides’ to find them in soft flowing tulle ballgowns, and inviting them for yet another dance to put a sweet ending note for the runway show. The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_06The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_07 The Louvre Bridal would like to credit the Dreamzcoffee team for the amazing photos, Iriswave for the video coverage, for the bridal fashion runway. Last but not least, kudos to everyone from The Louvre Bridal team! The show couldn’t have been so perfect without all your effort!The-Louvre-Bridal_Amara-Sanctuary-Sentosa-Gowns-Runway_08 For those who did not catch the live bridal runway, experience the spectacular show here:

Cheers to the great success of the bridal runway show!

}The Louvre Bridal team

Fantaisie 2014 Bridal Couture @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_01

The Louvre Bridal unveils the latest Fantaisie 2014 Bridal Couture at the Amara Sanctuary Wedding Show on 27th April 2014. Couples were greeted with warm sunshine amidst the lush oasis of Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa on the fine Sunday afternoon. If you’ve missed out on it, fret not, we’ve got the highlights of the showcase right here for you.

As the event begins, couples got to mingle around with the various wedding vendors for tips and ideas, and also touring round the magnificent ballroom that’s beautifully decorated in the theme color – red. More wedding couples arrived, and were promptly ushered into the grand ballroom. The melodious live music and songs by Sparkle Live Music enliven the whole ballroom. And this also means the much awaited bridal runway show put up by The Louvre Bridal is upcoming.

Before we look at the runway show, let’s go behind-the-scenes for the preparation. The lovely models are dolled up by Cleo Chang and Kacy Teh and team of professional makeup artists. The style for this runway is a clean polished look with the trending pop of fuchsia color on the lips.

The Fantaisie 2014 Bridal Couture calls for dreamy, lace overlay, soft tulle, ballgown with a touch of feminine traits. Every gown in the collection seems like it came out magically from a fairytale story.

The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_02With a beautiful note to end the performance by the live music, the emcee shared about The Louvre Bridal and the Faintaisie 2014 Bridal Couture. There after, the runway music hits and the ballroom door opens and all 5 models made the grand entrance in the fairy tale white ballgowns. The first segment features the romantic white pieces, perfect for every wedding march in. What’s more, these pieces are also light and brides will feel as carefree wearing it. Whether you are more keen into ruffles, elegant pearls, lace & tulle, you can also strut down the aisle in contemporary style with the high fashion bold cuts of folds.

The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_03The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_04Pick your favourite color from the rainbow spectrum of colored wedding gowns in the 2nd and 3rd segment. Would you prefer an elegant purple mermaid piece to flaunt your perfect figure, or the trending turquoise which is a hot favourite amongst brides now? We spot 2 dreamy gowns in the brilliant tiffany blue colors. If you don’t fancy a poofy ballgown, then go for the chiffon A-line gown.

The Louvre Bridal has invited our partner, BLACK Accessories, to showcase their newly launched themed crystal bouquets. These new bouquets are specially designed to match the gowns of our Fantaisie 2014 Bridal Couture! Paired with the sparkling Crystal bouquets from BLACK Accessories, it will sure make your march in a memorable and glistening one. You can even customize your special bouquet along with your own wedding theme! 
The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_06The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_06aThe Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_05For the last segment, the lovely white wedding dresses with long trains of charming grandeur mesmerizes all eyes in the ballroom. Spot the runway trend this season, one if the signature wedding gown from the Fantaisie Bridal collection; a unique pastel color tinted gown is perfect for a whimsical wedding.  This gown is also spotted in our previous wedding theme styled shoot, “Alice in Wonderland”. The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_07The Louvre Bridal_Fantaisie Bridal Fashion Runway_Amara Sanctuary_08 The bridal fashion came to a grand finale with all 5 models in the Fantaisie 2014 Bridal Couture sashayed on the runway.
This marks down another milestone made by The Louvre Bridal to a realize every bride’s fairytale wedding dream.

The Louvre Bridal would like to credit our Photographers, Lawrence & Ronald for the stunning pictures and to Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee for the videography coverage of the bridal fashion runway. Last but not least, kudos to The Louvre Bridal team who has put in so much effort!

For those who did not catch the live bridal runway, experience the spectacular show here:


Cheers to the great success of the bridal runway show!

}The Louvre Bridal team

“Australia Hugs” – Contest Shoot

The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs Contest

The Australia Hugs contest shoot took place at The Louvre Bridal boutique on a last Sunday. Together with ExtraOrdinary Weddings, The Louvre Bridal is bringing you “Australia Hugs”, a contest where we’re giving away a bridal package to Perth, Australia worth S$4,988! 6 finalists were selected from all the participants. Before the final winner emerges, let’s go behind-the-scenes of the contest shoot!

6 shortlisted finalists have made their way through the numerous participants.  And here we have them at The Louvre Bridal boutique for a photoshoot & interview session, before the voting begins. Here’s some insights to share for the photoshoot session we had! The theme of this shoot is of course…”Australia Hugs”! Look at all the fun props our team have prepared for the shoot!

The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs Contest Fun Props

The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs Contest02Our dear finalists have put in so much effort for the shoot, from their matching outfits to the DIY props. This added so much uniqueness and joy to the photos.
There’s also a video interview to get close to our finalists, what they have to say about the photoshoot experience and why they should be crowned winner!
Get to know more about our 6 finalists in the interview video.


The voting begins, check out on how you can support your favourite couple here on Facebook:
Australia Hugs_Contestants_FB_main The Louvre Bridal_Pre_Wedding_Photoshoot_Australia Hugs FinalistsWe like to give our special thanks to ExtraOrdinary Weddings for their support as the official media for “Australia Hugs” contest, and all the couples who participated for your enthusiasm.
Let’s see who emerges as winner!

} The Louvre Bridal team

The Secret Garden Bridal Couture 2013 @ Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 01It was an amazing wedding show at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre last Sunday. A great afternoon for couples to check out the hotel and various wedding partners for useful wedding planning tips. From wedding shopping to food tasting and a bridal fashion runway show presented by The Louvre Bridal!

The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 02The event started off with a free and easy session for couples to visit the ballroom set ups, check out the various booths for their wedding services. With the emcee’s welcome speech, everyone gathered for the best view seats to get ready for the start of the show. This moment at the backstage, our team is also all prepped up for the bridal runway.

The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 03 Before everyone’s highly anticipated runway show kicked off, we have Sparkle Live Music who brought us soothing music to our ears.
After an introduction to the bridal runway showcase by the emcee, the show commenced with the fascinating light show and music. All eyes were set on the models as they made the grand entrance down the runway aisle.

The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 04The first segment of gowns featured the grand white gowns, best for brides looking for a sophisticated look. Whether a grand vision tulle long train gown, or a  sweetheart ruffles gown,  they will catch the eyes of all your wedding guests. To top off the elegance for an extravagant march-in, each gown is complemented with a dazzling crystal bouquet. These stunning crystal bouquets were kindly sponsored by BLACK Accessories.

With the change of the ballroom lights and switch to a quirky music tune, we welcome in the 2nd segment of refreshing evening gowns. This is where our handmade mask pieces made its’ appearance. Like a masquerade party, the models flaunt the bright evening gowns down the T-shaped runway. Just look at how these flower masks matched perfectly to each of the colored dresses. This refreshing idea of flower masks was sparked off by our team while brainstorming for the runway themes. So we thought of adding a mystical element into the colored gowns segment. Masks could be easily bought off the shelves, but we’ve decided to inject our creativity into some extraordinary flower masks! Each mask was brilliantly crafted with unique silk flowers and decorated with embellishments and feathers for the complete look.
May it be a soft dreamy champagne gown, to a high fashion black gown, you can make a bold statement during your wedding.
If these exclusive handmade masks have caught your eyes, do check out with us to have them for your own wedding! You can even personalize it to the theme of your wedding!

The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 05Now comes the finale of the show – the 2014 Bridal Collection Prelude. Before the official of our upcoming launch in October 2014, we’ve prepared a sneak preview into some of our latest bridal fashion gowns. 2014 bridal trends features fishtail silhouettes,  modern minimalistic looks, and a dash of color infused into white gowns. Have you spotted the black gloves? Gloves – they are yet another key highlights of next year’s trend. We’re pretty sure brides have been inspired with many exciting ideas for their dream gowns for their upcoming wedding!

The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 06The bridal fashion came to a finale climax with all 5 models in the 2014 bridal fashion prelude pieces right before everyone’s eyes. The crowd’s rousing applause had overwhelmed the whole ballroom.
This marks down a milestone made by The Louvre Bridal to a stylish and unconventional Bridal Fashion runway.
The Louvre Bridal_The Secret Garden Bridal Fashion Runway 07On the day itself, everyone could enjoy the live projection of the  fashion runway moments, special thanks to the Live Studios team! The Louvre Bridal would like to credit Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee for the photography and videography coverage of the bridal fashion runway. Last but not least, kudos to The Louvre Bridal team who has put in so much effort!

For those who did not catch the live bridal runway, experience the spectacular show here:

Cheers to the great success of the bridal runway show!

}The Louvre Bridal team

Fashion Bridal Collection Launch!

The Louvre Bridal proudly presents to you our latest 2012 Fashion Bridal Gown Collection.

Peek into what’s behind the scene for the photoshoot!

From elegant  white gowns to brilliant evening gowns,  find what best fits you and have those beautiful moments be inked in your wedding photos.

A behind the scene video production for The Louvre Bridal (
Special thanks to Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee for the video production 🙂

} The Louvre Bridal team