First Korean Bridal Makeup by Koreans in Singapore

K-pop fan or not, the Korean Makeup fever have spread all over the Asian countries in recent years.

We know many brides  are yearning to have Korean bridal makeup & hairdo for their actual wedding here in Singapore; especially our brides who had the Korean Concept Pre-wedding experience in Korea. We must say all of them were truly mesmerized by how amazing they looked with the Korean style makeup and hairdo.

Here’s some pictures of our very own Louvre brides at their Korea Pre-wedding photoshoot.
(Lovely Brides: Jessamine, Moon, Tiffany)

The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korea Bridal Makeup and Hairdo Pre wedding2
Say Annyeonghaseyo to our makeup artist! The Louvre Bridal is proud to be the first in Singapore to offer authentic Korean Bridal Makeup by true blue Korean Makeup Artists! You are having the privilege with us!

Being the setter, we have organized a Korean Makeup workshop last weekend, to share why it is so different, and of course some Korean makeup tips that you can also learn to achieve that K-makeup look! We have with us our very exclusive Korean makeup stylist to demonstrate, let’s check out the happenings on that day.
The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korea Bridal Makeup Workshop 01The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korea Bridal Makeup Workshop 02The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korea Bridal Makeup Workshop06

If you have missed our demonstration, fret not. Here, we are sharing the Korean makeup tips to you.

Dewy skin:
Have you ever notice that in most of the Korean dramas, the female leads actually do not put on a lot of makeup? One key trend is the dewy, radiant skin.
Koreans enjoy a more dewy finish rather which is mean watery light skin than the typical matte finish.

Straight bushy eyebrow:
The straight brow can be found atop the eyes of Korean celebrities.
Possessing no arch, It is meant to lent the innocence and youthful looks. Top it off with some eyebrow mascara, so soften the color of the brows. This will also draw the attention to the eyes.

Puppy Eyeliner:
Most asians’ eyes are almond shaped. Having the puppy eyeliner is again to create an innocent look and to elongate the eyes. To achieve it, simply draw the eyeliner sloping it downwards and on the waterline.
Our Korean makeup stylist have demonstrated makeover for a classy clean bridal makeup look while sharing the tips along the way.
We hope all the brides have learned a few tips for the Korean style makeup and witness the transformation from bare face to a charming polished look.

Individual False Lashes:
By applying the false lashes in individual segments, it creates a very natural and enlarged eyes as compared with false lashes in a whole stripes.  According to our Korean stylist, it takes lots of practice and skill to master the individual lashes’ application.

See how the differences are in the before and after pictures!

The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korea Bridal Makeup Workshop 04

Here we also have a full Korean bridal makeup and hairdo done previously on one of our bride Ashley. She had experienced a full Korean Concept for her pre-wedding photoshoot and styling in Singapore!

The Louvre Bridal Singapore_Korea Bridal Makeup and Hairdo Pre wedding

You can also experience the Korea style makeup and hairdo for your pre-wedding and actual day! Come to us today and you will be in good hands of our Korean makeup stylists;  everyone will be wowed at the 예쁘다 bride (Ye-ppu-da means beautiful in Korean) !


} The Louvre Bridal team