Overseas Destination Pre-wedding Photography 2013

Overseas Pre-wedding Photography 2013

Let love take flight this 2013! Capture the magic of your love at some of the most beautiful places around the world and make your wedding memories last a lifetime!
Step on board this wedding adventure, take this unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the world, travel with us on this journey to make memorable experiences with the one you love.

Imagine an album filled with pictures of you and your loved one at many of the world’s most scenic and iconic landmarks. This will be something to hold on to, while you grow old together, and probably a story-worthy piece to show the grandkids one day!

Check-in at your destination wedding with us. Be it the land of morning calm; Korea or the city of  lights, love and romance; Paris or where east meets west in Macau. The Louvre Bridal will scale heights and travel with you to this wonderful journey.

Stay tuned with us, we’ll be sharing the tips and attractions of the various destinations!

} The Louvre Bridal team